Specification of PZL-M 28 SKYTRUCK.

The PZL M-28 Skytruck is the ultimate tool for aircraft operating under severe conditions.

High altitude - temperature capacity, low runway requirements and reliable engines combined with a well proven airframe construction has given the operators the tool to operate airplanes at destinations and areas where it previously was impossible.

With the capacity and versatility for transport of passengers, cargo, paratroopers and air ambulance its the answer for commercial, community, govermental and military service for remote areas.

We all know the Twin-Otter as a reliable and loved tool in such operations. The AN28 was the Eastern similarity, now we have its refined follow-up with greatly enchanched performance and loading capacity available for your operations.

Use the advantage to be able to offer something that your competitors never can do, in a package of the best of old and modern technologi - the PZL-M 28 Skytruck.


Technical info General aircraft specification
  Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65B:
  Hartzell HC-B5HP-3D
Manufacturer's TBO:

 Airframe - expected service life 30,000hrs.
 Engines - 6000hrs
 Props - 3000hrs


  18 pax. + flight attendant seat


  • single point refuelling system
  • rear cargo door hydraulically operated
  • cargo hoist
  • front door LH passenger door
  • underfuselage cargo pod ( cap.300kg)
  • long range wings (max.2000km)


  • 2 x VHF COM/NAV- KX-165
  • 1 x HF-KHF-950
  • 1 x ADF-KR-87
  • NAV -KNS-81/KI-207
  • KCS-55A
  • DME-KN-63/KDI-572
  • Radio altimeter- KRA-10A
  • RMI-582
  • Marker beacon
  • Weather radar-RDS-81
  • 2 x KMA-24H-70
  • GPS
  • Flight and voice data recorder